5-Step Galvanized Egress Escape Ladder Model GS-5ESL

5-Step Galvanized Egress Escape Ladder Model GS-5ESL

Brand: Safety Well
Product Code: GS-5ESL
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The SafetyWell Basement Window Well Egress Escape Ladder Model GS-5ESL is designed for use in all types (metal, concrete, timber etc...) of basement window wells. They are constructed of Galvanized Steel Tubing and have a weight capacity of 300 lbs. They assemble without the use of tools and install using only 2 self-tapping screws (typical metal wells) into the basement window well. Graspable tubular handrails and anti-slip tape on the stepping surface allows for a quick, safe and comfortable escape through the basement window well in the event of an emergency. This product meets or exceeds IFC and IBC Building Codes and offers a Lifetime Warranty. Also choose from our selection of Professional Grade SafetyWell Basement Window Well Covers that can be custom fit to any basement window well.

Product Features:
• Every product begins with "Award Winning Customer Service"
• Constructed with galvanized steel tubing
• The Model GS-3ESL is for use in window wells ranging from 66 to 78 inches in depth
• No tools required for assembly
• Graspable handrails for quick and easy escape
• Anti-slip rung tape included
• Installs quickly and securely to typical corrugated steel basement window wells using only 2 self-tapping screws
• Typical for corrugated metal wells but will mount inside all types of basement window wells (metal, concrete, plastic, block, timber etc.) with the use of alternative mounting hardware (not included)
• Mounts to concrete foundation walls to aid in climbing into basement windows with over a 44 in. sill height as required by IFC and IBC code (must use alternative wedge anchor mounting hardware)
• 300 lb. weight capacity
• Lifetime Warranty
• Also see our SafetyWell basement window well covers available in 21 stock sizes
• Meets or Exceeds "IBC & IFC Building Codes"

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